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You must have a valid Alabama Freshwater Fishing License

Noodling is the art of using your hands to capture catfish from a submerged hole. You are basically using your body as bait for the fish!

What to expect on your trip:

*One of the most exhilarating times of your life. It takes a lot of courage to put your hand into a hole that is underwater that you can not see into. These fish are mad, and do not like you coming into their home. They will defend their area with a vicious bite!!

*We will usually start around 9am-5pm or fish until we just cant fish anymore.

**** NOTE ****

*Fish in the 30-40 lb range are quite common during the noodling season which runs approximately* May 15th through July 15th.
The average fish caught will be in the range of 15-45 lbs.

*What we will provide YOU:

1) We are going to have fun....the outside world will be forgotten during this trip.

2) We will provide a CD with as much video footage and pictures that we can get.

3) You will not just be thrown into the water and told to put your hand in a hole and hope for the best. We will teach you exactly what you need to do and will go as fast or slow as you are ready to go.

*You will need to bring the following items:

*A pair of tennis shoes that you are not afraid of getting wet, muddy, or torn apart
*Clothes that you also dont mind getting into the river with
*Any additional food and drinks you would like