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Holt Trip 6-24-12

Posted by rbj4ua on July 2, 2012 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (764)

Clayton and Ashlee Holt came up from Prattville, AL for this trip.  It was a very hard day of fishing....The catfish were starting to spawn out and not many of the holes had catfish in them.  The day started out kind of slow with us losing a few fish and coming up empty handed on most of our best holes.  We finally found a mean flathead that put a hurting on Clayton, but he showed him who was boss when he came up with the catfish one handed!!  After some more tough fishing, we found a catfish under a set of old, concrete steps that we HAD to catch to save the day!  Ashlee stuck with it, and ended up giving the catfish a kiss after she pulled it to the shore!!  Had a great time with a couple of Auburn fans....never thought I would say that :)!

Wood/Rigsby Trip 6-23-12

Posted by rbj4ua on July 2, 2012 at 7:25 PM Comments comments (10)

This trip was full of excitement....the day started off with David pulling a fish out upside down, which promptly skeetered across the water!!  After everyone had gotten BIT for the first time we were headed down the river with a little too much weight in the boat and hit a wave the wrong came the water!! Luckily i killed the motor in time and bailed out and saved us from going!!  After we got all of the water out and had a few laughs about it, we headed on down the river for some more noodling action!!  David and Chad tag-teamed a monster Flathead which made for some awesome pictures and videos!!  Later in the day, we found a kid's bicycle while we were noodling and he was happy we found it!  Just around the corner from the kid was an old lady that didnt quite understand what we were doing, and thought we were moving her rocks around her boat ramp.  We moved along, after Sarah caught a pretty big cat from it!  We finished the day with David catching a huge Flathead that was longer than his wife, Sarah (which didnt take much..sorry Sarah :))  All in all it was a great day on the river!!!

Elam Trip June 9-10

Posted by rbj4ua on June 12, 2012 at 7:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Our latest noodling trip was taken by 3 guys from Kansas.  Keith Elam, JD, and his son Bryce caught a heck of a lot of catfish.  From the very first hole, they showed no fear and were pulling out cats like they were pros.  The guys ended up catching over 30 fish totalling over 500 pounds.  The biggest fish was a 35 pound Blue Cat, and boy did it put a whooping on JD.  He ended up winning the battle and was on cloud 9 after fighting it to the bank!  Keith wasnt gonna be put to shame, by catching a 30 pound Flathead.  I was very proud of the guys and had a blast talking crap to each other.

Guidry Trip 5-26-12

Posted by rbj4ua on May 28, 2012 at 7:45 PM Comments comments (8)

The first guided trip of the 2012 season was this past Saturday on May 26th.  Our clients were Kristin and Jason Guidry.  They drove all the way from Lafayette, Louisiana to catch some catfish with us, and boy did they catch some mean fish.  I was very surprised at how determined they were to pull out those cats.  We caught at least 15 fish throughout the day with the biggest one around 30 pounds.  We all had a blast and are really looking forward to the next trip!!